Series Polymer Insulated

Raychem polymer insulated (PI) series heating systems are particularly suitable for longer heating circuits (e.g. >250 m) and can be used for continuous temperatures of up to 260°C and intermittent exposure temperatures of up to 300°C. Depending on the application, they typically require more sophisticated control systems.

Cable construction:

Pentair Thermal Management offers PI heating cables using PTFE insulation, which is known for its unprecedented performance of temperature withstand capabilities and chemical resistance. Compared to conventional fluoropolymers, it provides far superior capabilities. The use of PTFE allows higher wattages and the customers can benefit of significant longer service life time for the PI heating cables. The table shows the max. temperature for continuous use recommended by the manufacturer, the melt- and the degradation temperature for PTFE in comparison with PFA: The range of PI heating cables covers a wide range of resistances, they can be used for short to very long circuits of several kilometers. The electrical connection can be simple series cable loops (phase to neutral or phase to phase) or 3-phase hook ups in star- or delta configuration.

The cables can typically provide up to 25 W/m, the maximum power output depends on the specific application. PI heating cables can be easily terminated in the field, which is a major advantage compared to Mineral Insulated (MI) heating systems.

Pentair Thermal Management offers a complete system, consisting of PI heating cables, cold lead cables, connection- and splice kits as junction boxes and other associated components. The components for connection and splicing of these cables are very critical components for the reliability of the system, Pentair Thermal Management has selected special crimp connections, providing a gas tight connection, which allows a trouble free operation under most severe conditions.

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